3 Cool Cars For Gen Z, Number One Dream of Young People

The rapid development of transportation technology, especially in four-wheeled vehicles, has made the attractiveness of four-wheeled vehicles even higher. This phenomenon is marked by the increasing number of new cars, which appear with advanced features and very diverse looks. In addition to being a mode of transportation, a car with a modern design is also able to become the center of attention of the audience and even, can be a powerful weapon in attracting people’s hearts. This reason is the reference for some people, especially young people, who are very interested in owning it even in the end it becomes one of the dream cars.

Being able to own a dream car may be one of the dreams of some people, including young people or nowadays we are more familiar with the term Gen Z. It’s an added value when you can afford it with your own money, it’s not really self-reward . Maybe who is included in the Gen Z category here is interested in buying it. ForĀ  who want to buy but still need recommendations in making choices, calm down. We have prepared recommendations, 3 cool cars that are very suitable for Gen Z.

1. Nissan Magnite
It comes with a classy appearance and is equipped with a 1000 cc turbo-powered engine, making Gen Z no longer need to hesitate to choose this tiny SUV . In addition to being more powerful, the turbo engine is actually able to improve fuel efficiency thanks to the turbo engine’s ability to optimize combustion more completely. In fact, the turbo engine is able to provide fuel efficiency, suitable for Gen Z lovers of economical cars plus safe for the pocket.

Not only the turbo engine that is the advantage of the Nissan Magnite , features that can increase the comfort and safety of its users are also quite complete in this tiny SUV . The comfort of this car is evidenced by the Cruise Control feature in this car, sore feet when stepping on the pedal are now gone thanks to this feature. Gen Z often hesitate when crossing steep inclines? Those doubts can now be cleared with the Hill Start Assist feature. This feature prevents the car from reversing suddenly when the car is moving on a steep incline.

The advanced Around View Monitor feature has also been available on the Nissan Magnite, which is the first feature to be present in a car in its class. This feature helps Gen Z see the surrounding conditions in 360 degrees. The presence of this feature makes it difficult when parking and driving in heavy traffic, only history is left. Rough roads and sharp turns make the car run unstable? With the Vehicle Dynamic Control Gen Z feature, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. The car will directly take over the steering and make it more stable when crossing the terrain.

Driving safety is further enhanced with the Traction Control System feature available on the Nissan Magnite. This feature is able to optimize braking by maximizing Traks , the risk of slipping on slippery terrain can be minimized. All these advanced features are wrapped in a sporty and super contemporary SUV that has two color choices, namely classic and two tone. The classic color choices consist of blade silver, onyx black, and storm white. while for the two tone , there is a flare garnet red with onyx black and pearl white with onyx black. The color variant, makes GenZ is getting cooler when driving using a Nissan Magnite, all that Gen Z can get only with prices starting from 200 million.

2. Kia Sonnet
Compage SUV with the latest engine technology, Smartstream, is here for Gen Z lovers of semi off road cars. This car is also equipped with an engine capacity of 1500 cc, inline 4 cylinder and Dual CVVT transmission. For the exterior design of this car, Gen Z does not need to hesitate anymore, equipped with a grille design dubbed the “Tiger Nose” making this car look even more fierce on the front. For the latest version, the KIA Sonet is also equipped with LED lights, projector fog lights, and Daytime Running Lights make the sensation of driving at night brighter. Not only at the front, Gen Z can also see a fierce design on the back of the car because the taillights of the sonnet are made to resemble the claws of a tiger.

The European touch is getting stronger in this SUV , with voice recognition features, multiple bluetooth connections, Apple Carplay, USB and AUX connection, Android Auto and Qibla direction. It is very suitable to accompany Gen Z’s daily life in the city and outside the city, because it has several choices of driving modes, namely normal, eco and sport. 6-inch wheels and tires measuring 215/60 ring 16, making the Kia Sonet look tough and able to compete with cars in its class.

Not only comfort, but safety features are also readily available on this car. Armed with 6 Airbags , ABS braking system , Hill Assist Control, Electronic Stability Control, Emergency Stop Signal, and also equipped with a rear camera with Dynamic Parking Guide, making driving even safer for Gen Z. Other features are also available, as a supporting factor for Kia’s sophistication Sonnets . Some other advanced features such as Remote Engine Start, Tire Pressure Monitor System, Wireless Smartphone Charger, Traction Control, and Drive Mode.

Kia Sonet is available in 6 color variants, namely Clear White, Intense Red, Intelligency Blue, Aurora Black Pearl, Beige Gold, and Steel Silver . You can get this comfortable, safe, and tough SUV for only a starting price of 190 million, it’s quite safe in your pocket, Gen Z , right ?

3. Toyota Raize
3 Cool Cars For Gen ZThis small SUV from Toyota, launched in early 2021 and is still the target of many people, one of them is young people or Gen Z. There is no need to doubt the quality of this Toyota manufacturer car, it comes with two engine variants, namely 1,200 cc. and a turbo-powered 1,000 cc equipped with Dual VVT-I technology that is able to attract the attention of automotive lovers . With this engine, the Toyota Raize can produce a maximum power of 98 ps per 6,000 and a maximum torque of 14.3 kgm per 2,400-4,000 rpm for the 1.0 type. While the type 1.2 produces a maximum power of 88 ps per 6,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 11.5 kgm per 4,500 .rpm . In terms of exterior, the Toyota Raize has been equipped with DRL lights and Sequential Turn Lamp , making the front of this car look more Stylish and Sporty .

The convenience of the Toyota Raize itself is undoubtedly Gen Z, with the embedded 9-inch Head Unit screen which is very easy to operate, as well as digital air conditioning . The head unit from Raize itself is integrated with smartphones , so it is very easy for Gen Z if they want to play songs or answer incoming calls. In the wheelhouse, users will be given more comfort, with a three-spoke steering wheel that is equipped with telephone buttons, audio, cruise control , to power mode and has been coated with quality leather, so it is not slippery when in the hand.

At the front of the cabin is also equipped with arm rest located on the center console and side support on the back of the seat. Sufficient legroom is also provided for passengers in the second row, sore feet on the way are just a story in Gen Z ‘s past . For the rear, Toyota Raize also provides a wide enough trunk with a capacity of 360 liters for Gen Z who want to travel long distances and have to carry quite a lot of stuff. If that’s still not enough, Gen Z can lift the pedestal panel on the trunk floor of his car. The second row seats can also be folded in a 60:40 folding configuration.

In addition to convenience, the Toyota Raize also provides a fairly capable safety feature known as the TSS feature or Toyota Safety Sense . Aims to help drivers to drive safer. The features contained in it include a pre-collision system, adaptive cruise control, lane departure alert with steering control, rear cross traffic alert, blind spot monitor, and pedal misoperation control . One of the most advanced and most prominent features is lane departure alert, this feature can give a warning when the car is off the real track. Under certain conditions, this feature will correct the direction of the steering wheel of the car.

Toyota Raize is available in 2 types of colors, namely one tone and two tone . For the one tone color, there are seven color variants, namely black, white, yellow, red, gray, tuquoise mm and silver metallic . The two tone color is available in five color variants, namely yellow black, white black, red black, tuquoise mm black, and silver metallic black. You can get this Toyota Raize only with prices starting from 230 million for type 1.2 and 250 million for type 1.0.

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