7 Advantages of Electric Cars that Make Driving Comfortable with Family

Electric cars have a number of advantages that allow drivers to drive comfortably with their families . Over time, electric car users are increasing and are found in many countries. For Indonesia itself, the existence of electric vehicles has also experienced significant growth. This is certainly a breath of fresh air, considering the many advantages that electric cars have when compared to conventional cars which still dominate.

Reporting from the Nissan and Hyundai pages, here are seven advantages of electric cars that make it comfortable to drive with your family.

1. Eco-Friendly

The first advantage possessed by electric cars is that they are environmentally friendly. One of the factors that gave rise to electric vehicles is the emission of conventional cars which pollute the environment and have a negative impact on human health.

Electric cars have a propulsion mechanism using electric power, so they will not generate residual Co2 and Co emissions. Therefore, this can be used as a solution, especially in areas with high air pollution rates.

2. The engine is not noisy

Sometimes, the sound of a vehicle that is too noisy can disturb the driver’s comfort when traveling. The good news, this does not apply to electric cars.

Driven by electric power, this vehicle certainly produces an engine sound that tends to be smooth, aka not noisy. This can certainly make your trip with your family more comfortable and controlled from distractions.

3. Easy Maintenance

The next advantage of electric cars is easy maintenance. Not only does traveling with the family become smoother, drivers don’t need to worry about electric car maintenance.

In contrast to conventional cars that require regular maintenance of spark plugs, oil, and so on, electric vehicles do not need it. In essence, maintenance of this electric car is not as complicated as in other conventional cars or vehicles.

4. Practical Refueling

One of the biggest differences between electric cars and conventional cars lies in the fuel. Not using gasoline, electric vehicles use batteries that store large amounts of electric current.

Charging is also quite practical, you can fill it at the Public Electric Vehicle Charging Station (SPKLU) or at home if you have one.

5. One Charge Can Travel Long Distances

When traveling with family, fuel is an important aspect that must be met beforehand. In contrast to conventional cars which may require several charging times, electric cars can travel quite a distance with only one charge.

In addition to time efficiency, this also makes the rider more comfortable. The reason is, he does not need to go back and forth to the gas station to refuel his car.

6. Qualified Security Features

Apart from convenience, electric cars are also designed with classy safety standards. One example is equipped with the Intelligent Transport System (ITS) feature which can cut off electricity when a fire occurs in the engine. These sophisticated safety features make electric cars one of the safest transportation options for family use.

7. Save for the Long Term

Even though they are somewhat more expensive than conventional cars, electric cars are actually more economical for long-term use.

In this case, there are a number of expenses for electric cars that make them more efficient, such as fuel and maintenance costs. So if you take the total as a whole, this car will not be economical for the future. Thus a review of a number of advantages of electric cars that make it comfortable to use with family.

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