Car Bumpers, Functions And How to Repair

A dented bumper makes the vehicle look ugly. Apart from body repair shops, it turns out that a dented bumper can be repaired by yourself. Caring for a car is not only about the engine, but also the body, including the bumper. Bumpers that are on the front and back …

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Modern Features that Usually Idle Cars

Currently, cars produced by manufacturers are equipped with various advanced features . In fact, new vehicles that are launched always increase in price, citing the addition of various advanced features. However, of the many features embedded in the car, there are some that are relatively rarely used. This condition can …

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How to Safely Install Car Accessories

Some car drivers add a number of accessories to their favorite car. Some of these accessories are just a sweetener and some accessories are also able to offer function and convenience for the rider. However, if carelessly, these accessories can be dangerous or at least inconvenient for motorists when problems …

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Car Accessories You Must Have To Make Driving More Comfortable

In driving, sometimes we need the presence of additional car accessories. Because the devices that have been provided by the manufacturer do not accommodate our perception of comfort and safety while driving. Although manufacturers have optimized to provide supporting devices, our needs for security and comfort often increase over time. …

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