Care your Car break with below 6 Ways!

Car brake maintenance must be done regularly, because brakes are an important part of a car. The function of the brakes is to slow down the vehicle when needed to avoid accidents.

There are still many car owners who pay less attention to the condition of the braking system on their car. The brake system pads have several supporting components, including disc discs, brake linings, brake fluid hoses and brake masters and brake pistons.

The various supporting components in the brake system must of course get maintenance so that their function can be optimal and avoid problems or damage. Because if there is a problem, of course, it can endanger the car owner and the surrounding vehicles.

In some cases, road accidents occur due to the brake function not working and as a result can cause fatalities.

“Maintenance of car brakes must be considered because one of the functions of the brakes is to avoid accidents,” explained Aris Triyono as Daihatsu Service Advisor .

To avoid this, car brake maintenance must always be considered and carried out regularly. Well, how to care for car brakes? Here’s the full discussion:

How to care for car brakes

1. Regularly replace quality car brake fluid
Car brake maintenanceBrake fluid must be changed regularly or every 20 thousand Km
One of the maintenance of car brakes is to change the brake fluid regularly. Brake fluid has the job of lubricating the disc and lining components. The two will rub against each other to stop the car. Well, while the function of brake fluid is to relieve heat due to friction between the disc and the brake pads.

“Ideally, changing brake fluid every 20 thousand kilometers and draining every 40 thousand kilometers. This is useful for the performance of the brake fluid to function optimally. In addition, also check the volume of brake fluid in the tube, don’t leave it empty to avoid the entry of air into the brake fluid channel which can interfere with its performance, “added Aris.

In addition to changing brake fluid regularly, the selection of brake fluid is also important. Use brake fluid that meets the manufacturer’s standards, of course with specifications that match the characteristics of the car.

“To be able to adjust the right brake fluid can be seen in the car manual. For example, Daihatsu Sigra uses DOT 3 brake fluid. So don’t replace it with brake fluid with a higher DOT because it can actually cause problems with the braking system, “explained Aris.

2. Cleaning disc parts
The next car brake maintenance is to clean the discs and brake linings of the car. It’s a bit difficult, because you need to open the wheels.

Then clean the disc disc with a special liquid (disc cleaner), spray it evenly on the disc. Leave it for a few seconds. Then proceed with cleaning with a cloth evenly.

“The position of the disc is under and outside the car, so it is vulnerable to being exposed to dirt and dust. If you don’t clean it, it can rust the disc and cause problems with the braking system,” said Aris.

If you have trouble, you can do this at a car repair shop with the help of a mechanic. Perform disc brake cleaning at the same time as an oil change or car engine service.

3. Check the feasibility of the brake lining
Brake lining is one of the important components in a braking system. The shape is like a bearing attached to an iron plate. The function of these bearings is to dampen the rotation of the disc to slow down the speed of a car.

If the brake lining is worn out or even worn out, there will be friction between the disc and the iron plate of the brake lining. This causes the disc disc to be damaged and the brakes to fail. The cost of replacing the brake pads is around Rp. 300 thousand.

“Check the feasibility of the brake pads, if they are thin, replace them immediately, don’t let them run out. Besides that, use quality brake linings, don’t just make them cheap but have poor quality,” said Aris.

If you can’t check the brake pads yourself, you can ask for help from a mechanic at the workshop. Try to check the thickness of the brake lining every car service.

4. Check the condition of the car brake calipers
Although it is rarely damaged, checking car brake calipers is one way of caring for car brakes.

If the car’s brake calipers have problems, the brakes will generally feel sluggish when used. This is because the brake calipers are shifting or oblique.

If the brake caliper has experienced a not-so-severe oscillation, it can usually be repaired by servicing the braking system at the repair shop.

This is also a bit difficult for ordinary people to do. Therefore, you can ask for help from the mechanic at the workshop when changing engine oil.

5. Avoid rough braking
One of the car brake maintenance that can be done by the owner is to brake smoothly. Because this activity does not require tools. It is enough to change the way you drive.

“Do braking slowly, if braking is done roughly, the brake pads and discs will be easily eroded. Although braking gently will also erode the brake lining, at least the abrasion is not as much as braking roughly. Therefore, when on the highway, it is better to keep a distance from the car in front so that you can brake smoothly, “added Aris.

6. Pay attention to indications of braking system problems
The next car brake maintenance is to pay attention to the indications or signs on the braking system. You can do this yourself as a vehicle owner.

If the brakes sound or squeak, the brakes can also feel sluggish, including the brake pedal has been stepped on. You have to be careful, because these are all signs where the braking system is having problems.

Immediately take your favorite car to a repair shop to check the components of the braking system so that the problem does not become more direct and of course to maintain driving safety.

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