Datsun GO+, Cheapest A Small Car, Is It Worth Buying?

After launching Go+ Panca, Datsun then continued its existence in the Indonesian automotive market by presenting their second product GO. This five-passenger hatchback car marketed by Datsun from 2014 comes with fairly complete specifications for vehicles in the Low Cost Green Car (LCGC) segment that has been echoed by the Government since 2013.

Datsun GO provides a breath of fresh air for the low-cost car division under Nissan. Datsun Go+ Panca and GO were able to boost sales by tens of thousands in a year. With good specifications and functionality, this car is able to compete in the Indonesian automotive scene.

But over time, several manufacturers have revolutionized their products in the LCGC class. Some even launched a new car. Like Toyota , which updated the Agya and launched the Calya . There is also Honda who revised the appearance of the Brio and Daihatsu which followed in Toyota’s footsteps.

So, if we talk at this time, should Datsun GO be owned? The answer, we think you can consider this car for you to own. The reason is, at least the Datsun GO has some more value than similar products, what is it? Check out the following.

Judging from the price, the Datsun GO is one of the cheapest passenger vehicles in Indonesia. This Japanese manufacturer sets a starting price of IDR 102 million for the cheapest variant of GO.

With that price, buyers already have products with a sporty appearance thanks to the contemporary exterior design. This can be seen from the grille design to the headlamp made by Datsun. In addition, the cheapest variant is also equipped with various features that can provide comfort and safety for you when driving.

While in other variants, Datsun has equipped it with the latest features such as electric mirrors, air conditioning with a control system via knobs, power windows, Audio Play 2DIN with a 6.75-inch screen. This entertainment system can also be connected to your smartphone. There are also USB, AUX and Bluetooth ports that can be connected to the entertainment system.

Not only that, Datsun also provides the Follow Me feature, Intelligent Wiper System, Long Range Head Lamp , and Smart Meter on the GO variant. As for the problem of comfort while driving, the Datsun GO is equipped with ventilated disc brakes that are able to provide maximum braking. There is also a Tight Turning Radius which gives you a relatively small turning radius.

For the transmission system, Datsun has a GO variant using a CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) transmission. For the business of the runway, the Datsun GO is equipped with a 3-cylinder engine with a capacity of 1.2 liters that is capable of producing power up to 77 PS and peak torque of up to 102 Nm. The power in this car is quite enough for vehicles that drive in urban areas.

In terms of dimensions, this car is also fairly compact and ideal for urban use. This car has a length of 3,788 mm, a width of 1,636 mm and a height of 1,502. This figure is quite enough for urban cars.

Finally, in our opinion, for those of you with student status, students or workers with unmarried status, this car is quite suitable for you. In addition, for those of you who are married and have 2 children, Datsun GO is also ideal for you to own.

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