Difference Between Automatic Transmission (Matic) and Manual Car

Are you planning to buy a car and are still confused about choosing a car with an automatic transmission (Indonesians generally call it an automatic car) or a manual transmission? Before choosing, you should first understand the difference between an automatic transmission and a manual transmission and which one is better.

Manual cars for shifting gears are carried out normally using the clutch pedal and clutch lever and using a gearshift or often called a gearbox . While automatic transmission technology has developed since the last 20 years. To understand more about the differences between automatic and manual transmissions, here are the types of transmissions in automatic and manual cars.

Automatic Transmission
The transmission system on this one is divided into automatic and semi-automatic. The semi-automatic does not use the clutch pedal, but the gear position is still moved manually but the driver does not need to step on the clutch. Then the automatic transmission is divided into several systems, namely:

Electronic Automatic Transmission (Triptonic): widely used in luxury cars.
Continuously Vatiable Transmission ( CVT ): this transmission system does not use gears so that it seems smooth in shifting gears (because there is no gearshift) but only uses belt ratios.
Sequential Manual: this transmission system can be operated manually but has an auto mode that uses a computer to control gearshift.
Double Clutch Gearbox: this transmission system is the latest, the same as the sequential manual but has 2 clutch levers which are both controlled by the computer so as to allow very smooth gearshift

For manual cars, the left foot is used to press the clutch and the right foot is used to press the brake and also the gas. In addition, the left hand must always be active in order to shift gears. In contrast to automatic cars, in automatic cars it is the right foot that is very useful because the right foot functions to step on the gas and brake pedals. As for the left leg is free or in other words does not work. The left hand is also quite free because it rarely changes gears.

For automatic cars themselves, fuel consumption is indeed more wasteful compared to manual cars. This is because in an automatic transmission car, the engine performance is much heavier than a manual transmission car.

In terms of comfort, automatic cars are indeed more superior. This is because the transmission shift is smoother and more comfortable. Unlike manual cars, sometimes the transmission shift feels rough.

Automatic car maintenance is indeed more expensive than manual cars. This is because the price of clutches, spare parts, or others is indeed more expensive compared to manual cars.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Automatic Cars
Easy to drive, easier, more comfortable, less tired and fun
Reliable for traffic jams like Jakarta and Surabaya or other big cities
For those of you who are just learning to drive, of course, it will be very easy to use the automatic transmission without having to bother balancing the gas pedal and clutch pedal.
Maintenance should not be late, must be extra (if damage occurs, it costs a lot)
Change the transmission oil more often
More wasteful of fuel, although for constant (ideal) use, fuel consumption is relatively the same as manual
Acceleration is still lacking, especially for uphill roads
Does not have an engine brake so you have to be careful using the brakes when going through a fairly long downhill track where sometimes the brakes can lose grip, ideally if used continuously
Technicians are still few who understand about this car
The price of buying a car is more expensive
Need extra costs in doing maintenance of the gear box.
The average selling value of used automatic cars tends to drop drastically.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Manual Cars

Better acceleration
More in line with the needs or desires of the driver
More economic
Less maintenance and repair costs
Manual transmission is very reliable for rocky roads and uphill.
It is more difficult to drive a manual car (because the concentration is divided on the gas and brake pedals or also with the transmission lever)
Tired of driving this type of car more quickly, especially if you often experience traffic jams on the streets
Not comfortable, except for certain people who want the sensation of a car pounding like an offroader
After understanding the difference between automatic transmission for automatic cars and manual transmissions, then determine the choice of automatic or manual transmission cars, then adjust to the needs and the road terrain that you will face. Hope it helps. .

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