Hill Start Assist: Recognize Car Safety Features on Uphill

Hill Start Assist is a feature that supports comfort in the car. Unfortunately the Hill Start Assist feature is only available on the latest and modern cars. The feature which is also known as HSA (Hill Start Assist) is rarely recognized by people. The HSA (Hill Start Assist) feature itself …

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Now, Sunroof Feature not only for the Luxury Car

Cars in developing country, especially Asia are still very rare that use the sunroof feature . Naturally, the price of a car that provides this feature is quite expensive. In fact, the sunroof feature is no stranger to cars sold in Europe. That said, almost every car on the road …

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What is Cruise Control – Functions and How It Works

Cruise control is an advanced feature found in today’s latest cars. This feature is also known by other names, such as speed control , autocruise , active cruise control , intelligent cruise control , dynamic radar cruise control , active cruise control , and distronic plus . For those of …

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