Functions, Recommendations, Tips for Choosing Car Window Film

For car drivers, of course, they are familiar with car accessories such as car window film or glass coating. Without realizing it, the glass layer has many important roles for car drivers.

The role of the glass layer is to block the sun that wants to enter the car. So, the presence of this glass layer can make car drivers more comfortable and not overheated.

In this era, there are many variants of car window film that users can choose from. In fact, the level of density of the glass layer can start from 40-80%.

However, for the selection of type and density, it is better to adjust it to the needs. On this occasion, we will discuss thoroughly about the coating of car glass. For those of you who are curious about the discussion of car accessories, you can see the full explanation below.

Functions of Using Car Window Film

Previously, it was mentioned a little about the function of using a car glass layer. Actually, the function of this window film is not only as a deterrent to sunlight entering the car cabin.

There are still several other functions that arise as a result of using a layer of window film. When talking about the function of car window film this time it is very diverse.

For some of the functions of using a car glass layer, it can make the cabin conditions cooler, save fuel consumption and can save on the use of air conditioning.

So, with some of these functions can make car drivers feel more comfortable when driving during the day. The many functions of the best car window film are very important and must be considered by its users.

Recommended Car Window Films You Can Choose

When you buy a new car, it must have been equipped with a layer of car glass. However, for the level of effectiveness of the glass coating on the car is not too maximal.

With this, car users want to replace car window films in order to get a maximum level of effectiveness. Therefore, for those of you who want to use the best glass coating for your car, you must first understand the types.

There are various kinds of car glass coating recommendations that users can choose from. However, keep in mind again for those of you who want to use a layer of glass, it can be adjusted again according to the level of need. 4 types of car window film recommendations that you can choose are:

Window Film 3M
The first best car window film and highly recommended by car drivers is 3M. When using this variant of the windshield coating, this one can block ultraviolet rays and can protect passengers from bad radiation.

Not only that, the 3M glass variant can also provide protection for the interior of the car. So, for those of you who use the 3M window film variant, the color will not fade easily and the cabin conditions will remain cool.

For the problem of the price of this 3M car window film variant, it starts from millions of Rupiah. With a fairly high price, it is certainly comparable to the big names of the window film variant.

In addition, the 3M window film variant has a warranty period of up to 5 years. Therefore, do not be surprised anymore when the price set when using this one glass coating variant is more expensive than the others.

Window Film V-Kool
The next recommendation is V-Kool window film. This type of glass coating has a TSER value of up to 55% and for visible light reflectance it has reached 8%.

That is, with these two ingredients can protect car drivers from direct sunlight. For those of you who are looking for a car glass coating with clear visibility, you can immediately choose V-Kool.

For the problem of the price of this one layer of window film, it is pegged starting from millions of Rupiah. With a relatively high price, of course this goes hand in hand with the big name of the V-Kool brand .

Llumar Window Film
Maybe some of the car users are already familiar with Llumar car window film. Llumar products are one of the outputs of the largest window film producer in the world, namely Eastaman.

There are advantages when using Llumar window film, which can make the conditions in the car cabin 16 degrees cooler.

More interestingly, the Llumar window film can also make the car cooler faster. That is, by using Llumar window film, it can affect the temperature of the car’s room and air conditioning components can run normally and save their use.

Solar Gard Window Film
Solar Gard is a car glass coating originating from the United States. There have been so many car drivers who have chosen to use Solar Gard type window film.

In this variant of the car glass, it can protect the car by blocking UV rays and the sun reaching 99%. For users of the Solar Gard window film, the conditions in the car cabin can still be seen. although it already provides a high visibility value.

One thing you should know again, Solar Gard window films also have various grades for users to choose from. The better grade of glass you choose, the more impact it will have on the price of the car glass coating.

The cost of installing Solar Gard window films can reach millions of Rupiah. Meanwhile, the tariff issue will be adjusted again according to the number of meters used in the car.

DOMO FILM Window Film
The fifth best recommendation for window film that you should install on your favorite car is DOMO FILM. DOMO FILM from Doctor Mobil is really designed with great consideration so that it is suitable for use in tropical climates like Indonesia.

Window films from DOMO FILM are claimed to be able to help save fuel and energy more efficiently. This is not without reason, because DOMO FILM which is equipped with Nano Armor Technology is able to protect car windows from UV rays up to 99% and has protection from infrared rays. So that the hot sun will not easily enter the cabin, the performance of the car air conditioner to reduce the temperature in the cabin becomes lighter, and the fuel and energy used are much more efficient.

In addition, DOMO FILM also has a fairly long warranty period compared to other similar products, which is up to 8 years which can be exchanged at Car Doctor branches throughout Indonesia. The color choices offered are black with the name Fuji type and blue with the Daisen type name. Both types of DOMO FILM car window films have varying levels of darkness, ranging from 40% to 80%. So that it can be easily adjusted to the needs and preferences of your favorite car.

For the price that is priced, DOMO FILM car window film is also quite affordable when compared to window films from other manufacturers. So with a very powerful function used in the Indonesian climate and the affordable price offered, DOMO FILM deserves to be the best choice for window film on your car.

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