Get to know Hybrid Cars and their Advantages

A hybrid car is a vehicle that has more than one power source to operate it. This type of vehicle is better known as an electric car. This is because it uses a combination of the engine with fuel and electricity. Then, what are the advantages and disadvantages of a car with a system like this?

Advantages of Hybrid Cars You Need to Know

Due to the presence of more than one power source, this type of hybrid car has a special adjustment system. The goal is to be able to move from one power source to another. Of course, this type of car will have several advantages, as will be reviewed below.

1. More Fuel Efficient

In driving a hybrid car, it uses fuel oil (BBM) and a battery-powered electric propulsion engine. When driving in traffic jams, the use of fuel is immediately eliminated and the car moves using batteries. This is because the engine is designed to switch to an electric motor at low speeds.

This mechanism clearly saves fuel usage, considering that when you are in a traffic jam, the car is usually very fuel-intensive. Likewise, when you first turn it on, the entire electrical system of the car is operated by battery power, without using any fuel at all.

2. Acceleration and Speed ​​Increase

There is a stigma in society that fuel efficient cars mean less speed and acceleration performance. However, even though the hybrid car is very fuel efficient, it turns out that the acceleration and speed are quite good. This is due to the presence of two engines with gasoline and battery power that support each other to increase the power of the runway.

3. More Environmentally Friendly

Hybrid cars are classified as vehicles that are more environmentally friendly. The reason is the use of low gasoline which makes exhaust emissions are also very minimal. As a result, environmental pollution due to exhaust gases can be minimized. That is why, many people are starting to switch to hybrid vehicles to reduce global warming.

4. Smoother Engine Vibration

Currently, the streets in big cities often experience congestion. This often makes car drivers often feel uncomfortable due to the noise and vibrations emitted by the engine at low speeds. However, in hybrid cars, this is minimized because when stuck in traffic, the active engine uses battery power, so there is minimal sound and vibration.

5. Gearshift Feels Smooth

In hybrid cars, the transmission used is the CVT ( Continuously Variable Transmission ). With this type of transmission, the driver and passenger will experience a very smooth and almost imperceptible gear shift. This means, in terms of driving comfort, hybrid cars have the advantage.

Disadvantages of Hybrid Cars

It is natural that if there are advantages, there must be disadvantages. Likewise in this type of hybrid car. Some of the drawbacks are the price and maintenance costs are very expensive. In fact, the difference between this type of vehicle and non- hybrid cars can reach tens of millions more expensive.

In addition, this car has many components that are vulnerable to water. So, the risk of damage during a flood is very high. However, to minimize this risk, car owners can take advantage of insurance that provides protection against risks due to flooding.

Those are the various advantages and disadvantages of electric or hybrid cars. With an explanation of the advantages and disadvantages, of course you can already determine whether to use a hybrid car or not. Hopefully this information is useful!

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