Getting to Know the Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid Features That Can Support Driving Comfort

The all-new Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid is the first hybrid-engined car in the low multi-purpose vehicle (LMPV) segment of the Indonesian automotive market. Thanks to the support of Suzuki Smart Hybrid technology , this model becomes more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly due to lower exhaust emissions.

The Ertiga Hybrid itself is equipped with a 1,462cc K15B DOHC VVT engine that produces 102 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 138 Nm at 4,400 rpm.

This car is also equipped with an ISG (Integrated Starter Generator) combined with a 12 V 6aH lithium-ion battery. ISG functions to start the engine when the Auto Start Stop feature is functioning, lighten the workload of the engine, and charge the lithium-ion battery when decelerating.

Talking about features, the Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid is equipped with a number of features to support driving comfort and safety. We start from the features that support comfort.

As a newcomer, Suzuki provides a touch of refreshment so that the Ertiga Hybrid looks different from the regular version. Therefore, the exterior of the Ertiga Hybrid gets updates which include New Front Grille Design (type GX), New Antenna Type, New Alloy Wheel Black Polish Design, New MID Design, New Interior Ambience Color, New Interior Ornament, New Color Seat Material, New Backdoor. Garnish Design, New “Hybrid” Emblem, New Mellow Deep Red Color

Please note, Ertiga Hybrid uses a monocoque chassis so it is more comfortable because of its soft suspension. Then, the Keyless + push start/stop button certainly makes it easier for motorists to operate the vehicle.

This car is also equipped with a 2nd row armrest to pamper passengers in the middle row, then there are ventilated cup holders, large luggage capacity and an 8-inch head unit.

In addition, there is also a MID (Multi Information Display) which displays information on average fuel consumption, real time fuel consumption, and outside temperature information.

More Features

The next feature is cruise control . With this feature the vehicle can go at a certain speed without having to step on the gas pedal. This feature is presented to make it easier for motorists if they want to be at a certain speed and the car’s fuel is more economical because of the stable position of the gas.

This feature is available on both automatic and manual Ertiga Hybrid types. Cruise Control can function at speeds of more than 43 km / h on an automatic transmission and on a manual transmission it will be active in gear positions 3 to 5.

To provide an indication of the most economical gear position in fuel consumption, Suzuki embeds a Gear Shift Indicator on the Ertiga Hybrid.

How to read it, if the up arrow lights up white, it is recommended that the tooth position be moved to one tooth above it. Then if the arrow light does not turn white, then the current gear position is the most economical right position in terms of fuel consumption.

Finally, if the down arrow lights up white, it is recommended that the gear position be moved one gear below it. The next interesting feature is Guide Me Light. Its function is to guide the vehicle owner when entering or exiting the car in a place with minimal light or darkness.

The light used comes from the headlights of the car. Motorists who are looking for or heading for a vehicle (to car), must ensure that the headlight lever is in the auto position.

Then when you enter the car, open the car door with the remote, the main light will stay on for 10 to 30 seconds and after that it will turn off automatically.

Meanwhile, the driver who will leave the vehicle (to home), must ensure that the main light lever is in the auto position and the right lever is moved once as if to give a dim light.

Then when exiting the car, lock the car door with the remote and the headlights will stay on for 10 to 30 seconds and after that they will turn off automatically.


In the Ertiga Hybrid GX type there is an Electronic Stability Program (ESP) feature. This feature is a technology that combines optimal braking and stability when driving on slippery roads and turns, preventing over steer and under steer.

Then there is Hill Hold Control which can be found on the GX-AT type. This feature is useful for automatically activating the brakes and temporarily holding for 3 seconds when going on an uphill road, so the car does not move backwards.

Then, on the GX and SS types there is an Auto Retractable Outside Mirror feature. This feature makes the car more practical, because the mirrors will fold automatically when the driver locks the door and the mirrors automatically open when the driver starts the engine.

For your information, the All new Suzuki Ertiga hybrid type GX-MT is priced at IDR 270.3 million, while the GX-AT is released at IDR 281.3 million, while the SS-MT is marketed at IDR 281.3 million, and the SS-AT as the highest type is set at IDR 292.3 million.

For color choices, the all new Ertiga Hybrid SS consists of pearl snow white, prime cool black, metallic magma gray.

Meanwhile, the all new Ertiga Hybrid GX has more color options, namely pearl snow white, prime cool black, metallic magma gray, new mellow deep red, metallic silky silver, pearl brave khaki, pearl burgundy red.

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