Important Tips to Keep Your Car Paint Shine For Longer

Check out the following tips for maintaining car paint to make it easier for you to maintain the quality of your car’s appearance
The exterior appearance, especially the car paint, is of course very important to maintain. However, with daily use, the condition of the paint will likely decrease in quality. Do not worry, it is not difficult to maintain the appearance of your car paint. To make it easier, CARRO Indonesia will give you five tips for maintaining your favorite car paint. The goal is that the look and gloss of the paint can last longer and maintain the ‘value’ of your favorite car. Check out the following tips.

Avoid parking your car in direct sunlight
It’s the most trivial thing, but it has the biggest impact. The habit of parking the car in direct sunlight has bad consequences for your paint. High temperatures and exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun can make the quality of paints and varnishes (coating) decrease in quality. This will make your car paint look dull.
In addition, direct sunlight also has bad consequences for interior components such as the dashboard and seats. To be safe, avoid parking in direct sunlight or use a quality car cover to protect the paint and varnish layer of your car.

Wash the car the right way
The second habit is trivial but has a big impact. Washing a car should be done with care. First, avoid washing the car in direct sunlight. Second, avoid using rubber rags to wash or dry the car body. rubber rags proved to be less than ideal in cleaning dirt and potentially cause fine scratches. Ideally, use a microfiber cloth which is safer and optimal for wiping off dirt.
In addition, when washing the car, avoid wiping in a circular motion. This will cause fine scratches or what is known as a swirl. Do it in a unidirectional motion and make sure the car is dry after you finish washing the car. Oh yes, avoid using detergent soap to wash the car! Better to use a special soap or shampoo for car paint.

Avoid using cleaning fluids carelessly
Exterior cleaning fluid or removing scratches/compounds on paint actually cannot be done arbitrarily and must be done by a professional detailing workshop. Do not carelessly use cleaning fluids because of its chemical content which is not only harmful to car paint but also to your health if done not carefully. Consult a repair shop or auto detailing outlet before deciding to use a particular cleaning fluid or compound.

Rinse quickly after being exposed to rain
In the rainy season like today, it has the potential to reduce the quality of the paint and appearance of your car. For this reason, it is recommended to rinse after driving when it rains. The acid content in the rain risks reducing the quality of the paint in the long term. In addition, leftover rainwater for a long time will cause a layer of mildew on the paint surface.

Choose a quality and trusted auto detailing outlet
Similar to point number 3, the selection of auto detailing outlets cannot be arbitrary. The professional car care process requires a lot of time and budget. But it is comparable to the quality of the appearance and durability of your car paint. Do your research first before deciding on a quality and reliable auto detailing activity.

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