List Of Cheap 4×4 Cars That Ready To Extreme Land

Although you could say many want to own it, the price of a 4×4 or 4-wheel drive car in Indonesia is not cheap, aka quite expensive. Therefore, in general, many of them end up not liking 4×4 cars. Maybe those who are still willing to sacrifice to maintain it are hobbyists.

In this article we will provide information about a list of 4×4 cars at low prices. It should be noted, that the cheap price we mean here is the one that has a price of no more than Rp. 300 million.

Understanding Car 4×4

A 4×4 or four wheel drive car is a drive system that transmits engine power to all parts of the wheel. Usually cars with this drive system are more intended for heavy terrain or offroad .

The 4-wheel drive system is different from the all-wheel drive (AWD) system which cannot control the distribution of power to the desired wheels.

However, in 4×4 the driver can choose rear-wheel drive only or all four at once. This is what makes 4×4 cars still have a charm in the hearts of their lovers.

This type of vehicle is still used for activities such as mining, mountain climbing, and plantations. To select the drive, usually in the cabin there are two levers, namely the gear lever and the transfercase lever .

The gear lever is a place to shift gears, while the transfercase lever is a place to adjust the distribution of power or choose a driver.

Drive Mode on 4×4 . Car Transfercase
The transfer case consists of 2H (2WD high range ), 4L ( low range ), 4H ( high range ), and N ( Neutral ) modes.

  • Mode 2H is specifically for highway use with asphalt road contours.
  • 4H mode can be used when passing through slippery roads such as toll roads during heavy rain because it can produce maximum traction.
  • 4L mode is used for traversing roads with steep inclines or descents or rough terrain. This mode can be said to be a mode that can release maximum power to make the car go through obstacles.

Or you could say 4L is the ‘strongest’ mode in a 4×4 car. So when faced with tough terrain, simply move the transfer case to the 4L position, so the car can pass through the terrain easily.

List of Cheap 4×4 Cars Under IDR 300 Million
Ah, rather than being curious, let’s just discuss what are the 4×4 car options at low prices, let’s go.

Can you guess what the car choices are?

Who would have thought that with a cheap budget of under Rp. 300 million, you can actually get a Mitsubishi Pajero Sport. But it must be remembered, an SUV at that price of course with a rather old production year.

For example , Mitsubishi Pajero Sport from 2008 to 2014 . Although for some people it is considered old, but the car is worth getting into a car under Rp. 300 million.

Generally, the price of the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 4×4 has a price range of IDR 200 million to IDR 300 million. Of course the price depends on the conditions, yes.

Toyota Fortuner

Then there is the Toyota Fortuner, which is worthy of being included in our cheap 4×4 car recommendation. In terms of price, Toyota’s flagship SUV can still enter the bucket list.

Just like the Pajero, generally the production year of the Toyota Fortuner ranges from 2006 or the first generation to 2015 .

The price range is in the range of Rp. 200 million to Rp. 300 million. If I may suggest, it’s a good idea to choose the 2015 Fortuner with titanium silver color.

The color is arguably quite rare in the market. Because these colors only came out in 2015 before the Fortuner changed models.

Mitsubishi Strada Triton

Then the 4×4 car with a cheaper price is the Mitsubishi Strada Triton. This car is included in the double cabin category and not an SUV.

Before buying, it must be remembered that a car like this seems to be required to have a kir test. The kir test is a technical feasibility test of the vehicle.

Why is double cabin mandatory for kir test?

In Indonesia, the car is included in the category of commercial car with a pickup in the back.

Even car owners are also required to cover the tailgate when driving on toll roads and in the fast lane position. If not, usually the officer will give you a ticket because the tub is not covered with a cover.

About the price, the Mitsubishi Strada Triton is priced at Rp. 150 million to Rp. 250 million depending on the year of production. Before buying make sure you don’t buy a ‘tired’ car, okay?

What we mean by ‘tired’ cars above are cars whose engine performance has decreased considerably due to frequent use of heavy work. Understandably, double cabins are usually used in plantations and mining.

Chevrolet Trailblazer

The name Chevrolet, of course, has begun to be forgotten by many. But for those of you who want to buy a cheap 4×4 car, take a look at one of the cars made by Chevrolet, the Trailblazer.

The Chevrolet Trailblazer is an SUV that has enlivened Indonesia several years ago. This car used to compete with the Fortuner and Pajero Sport.

In terms of price, the Chevrolet Trailblazer is fairly cheap with a younger production year. This is because the Chevrolet brand is no longer available in Indonesia, making many people reluctant to buy this brand because spare parts are considered difficult to obtain.

With a budget of IDR 240 million to IDR 260 million, at least you can get a 2017 Trailblazer with a 4×4 drive, lo.

Ford Everest

Another cheap 4×4 car in Indonesia is the Ford Everest. This large-bodied SUV is known to have a fairly stubborn engine performance.

Just like Chevrolet, many people are reluctant to buy the Ford brand because spare parts are considered difficult to find.

The market price of the Ford Everest 4×4 is quite tempting because it ranges from Rp. 150 million to Rp. 230 million .

There is no doubt about comfort, because the Everest is one of the most comfortable SUVs to drive.

Jeep Cherokee

Next up is the Jeep Cherokee. Although the production is quite old, the charm of this boxy SUV is timeless.

Even in recent years the price of the Cherokee XJ Series skyrocketed like a rocket that flew into space. Whereas 10 years ago the price was less than Rp 100 million.

Now the price range for a used Jeep Cherokee is around Rp. 140 million to Rp. 450 million depending on conditions.
Many car enthusiasts buy because they want to reminisce. In addition, its ability in offroad terrain is unquestionable.

Toyota Land Cruiser

The last car that deserves to be included in the cheap 4×4 in Indonesia is the Toyota Land Cruiser. When you hear the name, you can already imagine the toughness of this car.

Models that can be obtained with a budget of IDR 300 million include the Prado 90 and 120 series, VX 80 Series, FJ40, and VX 100 series. The years of production also vary, ranging from the 1970s to 2010. The availability of spare parts for this large SUV is also fairly easy to find.

Well, that was the choice of 4×4 cars with cheap prices under Rp. 300 million that you can choose. Incidentally, Indonesia is about to enter the rainy season, it feels right to have an SUV with a 4×4 drive to overcome floods, right?

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