New Generation Of All New Nissan Serena Officially Launched in Japan

The latest Nissan Serena , which now appears as the 6th generation in the boxy MPV family tree, has officially launched in Japan.

Summarized from Carscoops, Monday (29/11/2022), the All New Nissan Serena comes in two engine options, including internal combustion engines and hybrids. This new generation model also seeks to offer greater interior space, technology and practicality to compete with its competitors, such as the Toyota Voxy/Noah or the Honda Step WGN e:HEV.

In terms of appearance, the All New Nissan Serena adopts the latest design characteristics from Nissan. The face is decorated with luxurious LED lights and is incorporated into the V-Motion grille.

Overall, the body of this car still maintains a boxy shape. However, his appearance is more assertive thanks to the clearer body curves.

Choices of All New Nissan Serena Variants

The highest option for the All New Nissan Serena is the Luxion variant. Its appearance is distinguished by the bumper and side skirts which are even simpler.

In addition, there is the Autech variant which offers a mix of luxury and sportiness. The bumper and side skirts of this variant look more curved and the body is decorated with chrome accents on several sides.

The Luxion variant is equipped with ProPILOT 2.0. This system will further spoil the rider with the features in it. For example, a driver may not need to hold the steering wheel on the highway because the car will keep its own pace.

ProPILOT 2.0 also has a feature to remember the position of the car park. As for the variants below, they only get the regular version of ProPILOT.

Interior So More Spacious and Luxurious

The manufacturer claims that the latest generation Serena has the most spacious cabin and the largest screen in the minivan segment. Developments in the interior include new seat designs that can dampen vibrations better, digital cockpit position changes, and increased sound insulation from the outside.

Compared to the previous generation, this car has 120 mm more legroom for the driver. Then the existence of the middle seat in the second row changes the configuration to 8-seater from the previous 7-seater.

Each passenger seat has access to a place to put a smartphone, cup holder, USB port and onboard Wi-Fi. Then there is an optional feature for operating a sliding door, the sign must touch anything.

Looking at the dashboard, you can see a very modern design with a fully digital meter cluster and the transmission shifter in the form of knobs near the air conditioner.

Machine Specifications

This car’s hybrid system uses a 1,400 cc 3-cylinder engine combined with an electric motor. Peak power reaches 161 hp and maximum torque of 315 Nm. Hybrid engines are only available with a choice of Front Wheel Drive (FWD) drive systems.

Meanwhile, the conventional engine option has a capacity of 2,000 cc 4-cylinder with a maximum power of 148 hp and a peak torque of 200 Nm. Especially for this engine option, there are FWD and 4WD drive systems.

Price of All New Nissan Serena

This car has started to be marketed in Japan. Prices start from around 2.7 million to 4.7 million yen. That means around IDR 314.5 million to IDR 545.1 million.

It is known that the highest price is more expensive than the official price tag of similar products from Toyota and Honda .

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