Review of Yamaha MX King 150, the King of Street from Yamaha

The Yamaha MX brand is already very strong in Indonesia. Since the release of Jupiter MX in 2005, the public has been very accepting of this brand . Even after the brand was transformed into Yamaha MX King 150, consumer interest is still high.

The motorcycle trend has begun to be eroded by the dominance of automatic motorcycles. With the MX King 150, Yamaha wants to continue to compete in the motorcycle class.

Yamaha is quite intense in developing the MX brand to remain relevant to today’s consumer desires. The result is, the title of “Best of Cub 150cc” for Yamaha MX King 150 from the “Otomotif Award”.

For those of you who are hunting for a duck, here is a review of the specifications for the Yamaha MX King 150.

Design & Features
This product is quite thick with a sporty feel. Yamaha still maintains sharp and tapered striping on the face, ala MX brand.

In addition, this MX King also carries an asymmetrical design (except active blue ) . That is, the body design on the left and right looks different. Not to mention the headlamp design that uses 3 LEDs to make it appear more dynamic.

The combination of sharp striping and asymmetrical design also accentuates the aggressive impression of this bike.

The combination of designs further emphasizes the concept of The King of Street that is pinned by Yamaha on this motorbike.
You who are sporty and dynamic are very suitable for this motorbike.

The latest Yamaha MX King 150 gets a refresh on its color options in early 2021. Now there are 3 color variations of the Yamaha MX King 150, namely Aggressive Red, Active Blue, and Sporty Black Yellow.

Yamaha looks serious enough to want to develop this product so it’s cool to the maximum. In addition to its good appearance, advanced features are also applied to this motorbike.
One of its advanced features is a digital speedometer. With a full LCD, information about the condition of your vehicle will be seen more clearly and make it look more futuristic.

Unfortunately this motorbike does not use a smart key and Y-connect.

The concept of The King of The Street was not a hoax. In addition to the dashing appearance, the engine performance is also quite powerful.

Yamaha pinned the type of SOHC engine with a single cylinder capacity of 150cc. The engine also has fuel injection and uses liquid cooling.

With such kitchen specifications, the Yamaha MX King 150 can produce power reaching 11.3 kW / 8500 rpm and a maximum torque of 13.8 Nm / 7000 rpm.

Based on the speed test, the Yamaha Jupiter MX King 150 top speed can reach 120 km / h on public roads. The engine is really powerful.

The Yamaha MX king fuel consumption is relatively efficient when you compare it to its performance. For 1 liter of fuel you can use to travel about 48 km.

So that the engine temperature remains stable, do not randomly choose oil. Based on the service manual, the suitable oil standard for Yamaha MX King 150 is Yamalube Sport type. If you want better results, you can use Yamalube but the Super Sport type which is fully synthetic

The transmission uses a manual clutch to make it look more manly. You can transmit it up to 5 speeds.

Legs & Skeletons
To support the king’s feet, Yamaha uses tubeless tires that are wide enough. The specifications for the front tires are 90/80-17M/C (46P) and the rear tires are 120/70-17M/C (58P).

The size of the Yamaha MX King 150 wheels itself is 17 inches.

With dual disc brakes, this bike is safer for you to ride.

To stabilize the speed of the vehicle and increase rider comfort when maneuvering, Yamaha applies a monoshock at the rear and telescopic at the front.

You are interested in proposing the king of this motorcycle? The price of the latest Yamaha MX King 150 can reach Rp. 24.575.000,- for OTR Jakarta. This price can change at any time.

Hopefully this article about the specifications of the Yamaha MX King 150 can provide many benefits and be a reliable reference for you when you want to buy a new motorbike.

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