Six Reasons To Choose The Honda CBR 150R

Fun Compact Sport Fairing

In choosing a sports fairing motorbike, of course there are many things that must be considered so that it can meet your needs and desires. Given the nature of sport fairing motorbikes which are more towards hobby motorbikes or motorbikes with certain segments, you have to be selective in choosing which motorbike is suitable for your garage.

As one of the pioneers in the 150cc sport fairing class, the Honda CBR 150R is here to meet your needs and expectations for a 150cc sport fairing motorbike. What are the factors that make the Honda CBR 150R worth your while? Check This Out…

1. Cool and Futuristic Style

Appearance and style is the number one thing in a sport bike fairing. The latest Honda CBR 150R comes with an aggressive tapered shape and has a touch of modern racing striping so that the shape looks very sporty and futuristic. Not to forget, it is also equipped with a taillight design that is all tapering so that it seems to complement the sporty and futuristic body design.

2. Comfortable Ergonomics

Are you a biker who wants a sport fairing with relaxed ergonomics and doesn’t make your body and hands tired quickly? Then the Honda CBR150R is the answer! It has the character of a clamp handlebar that is not too downward like the sports fairing model in general and has a seat position that is not too sloping downward. This kind of configuration will certainly produce maximum comfort because the body tends to be more upright and not too bent so that the distribution of weight is not only centered on one point.

3. Powerful and fuel-efficient DOHC engine

If you are a biker who wants an upgrade from an automatic or duck motorbike, then you want to try a sport fairing. So the Honda CBR150R can be the right choice because the 150CC DOHC 6 acceleration engine has a strong power character at lower revs and is smooth. The fuel consumption of this motorbike is also the most efficient in its class, with 1 liter of fuel, the Honda CBR 150R can travel up to 50km. Of course, this is an impressive thing for a Sport Fairing motorbike, isn’t it?

4. Stable and Accurate Handling

The Honda CBR 150R is equipped with a diamond model chassis or more familiarly known as a trellis chassis so that the overall weight of this motorbike is light but the rigidity is increased. This of course makes the Honda CBR 150R easy to maneuver, whether it’s maneuvering in city traffic jams or extreme cornering on sharp turns on out-of-town routes. Also supported by the use of a telescopic front suspension from Showa and a Prolink monoshock front suspension and wide-sized tubeless tires, making it a sport fairing motorbike that is very fun to ride.

5. Advanced and Complete Technology

In this day and age, technology is of course very important, isn’t it? Honda CBR 150R did not want to be left behind. It has advanced features such as LED lighting technology in all parts of the motorbike as well as a sophisticated full digital instrument cluster which is informative, contains a speedometer, odometer, tripmeter, fuel indicator, turn signal malfunction indicator and so on and even a clock to help make it easier for you to know the time without having to look cell phone or looking at the hammock.

6. Reliable and Trusted Honda Aftersales

Is it really that lazy if you have a finicky motorbike and the aftersales are difficult? The Honda CBR 150R is a tough motorbike that is cheap and easy to maintain. Supported by Wahana Honda’s extensive and professional dealer network and aftersales service, this makes the Honda CBR 150R a motorbike worth owning.

So, of course, these advantages make you want the Honda CBR 150R even more, right? In addition, the color choices are also attractive and very racy, such as Victory Black Red, matte black and two special colors typical of Honda racing motorbikes, namely Honda Racing Red and Repsol MotoGP edition. So? Are you ready to follow your desire? It’s time to own the ride!

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