Specifications of Wuling Almaz Hybrid, The Price is Cheap for Hybrid Cars

Finally, the price and specifications for the Wuling Almaz Hybrid were revealed at the launch in Indonesia. This 7-seater SUV sells for IDR 470 million (OTR Jakarta). In other words, this is the cheapest hybrid car in the country.

With an affordable price tag, what are the specifications? From an appearance standpoint, this car is no different from the one that appeared at the 2022 Indonesia Electric Motor Show (IEMS) at the end of September 2022. At first glance it still looks like the Almaz RS , except that it has blue accents and uses 18-inch alloy wheels.

Then, entering the interior, it is still similar to the Almaz RS. It’s just that there are slight differences in the Wuling Almaz Hybrid, especially the new TFT meter cluster digital display on the dashboard, as well as the new, more modern transmission lever design. Not to forget the interior color theme, now wearing warm beige leather seats that seem luxurious

Speaking of performance, the changes are quite significant. Now the Wuling Almaz Hybrid specification for the engine uses a 2,000 cc cubication with hybrid technology like that used by the Asta or Xingchen Hybrid models in China. On paper, it can issue a peak torque of 168 Nm at 4,000 – 4,400 rpm and a maximum power of 123 hp at 5,600 rpm. Then there is the addition of 320 Nm of torque and 174 hp of power from the electric motor.

“The Almaz series has been a diamond for Wuling since it was first launched in 2019. Various innovations
always complement the journey of this SUV series. Now, we are continuing this step through the launch of Almaz Hybrid.
The perfect combination of powerful performance, fuel efficiency and environmentally friendly mobility is realized in
Almaz Hybrid, ready to improve your driving experience into the future,” said
Wuling Motors Brand and Marketing Director, Dian Asmahani.

So, want to know more about this hybrid car ? The following is a complete discussion of the Wuling Almaz Hybrid specifications and prices:

1. Wuling Almaz Hybrid Uses a 2,000 cc engine

One of the highlights of the Wuling Almaz Hybrid specifications is the engine, because it uses a 2,000 cc cubication. What’s more special, this mechanical heart has never been used in other Wuling cars sold in Indonesia.

If you refer to the Chinese Wuling, then actually the Asta or Xingchen Hybrid models have already applied it. On paper, the 2,000 cc Almaz Hybrid petrol engine can produce a peak torque of 168 Nm at 4,000 – 4,400 rpm and a maximum power of 123 hp at 5,600 rpm. Then an addition comes from the electric motor with a torque of 320 Nm and a power of 174 hp which gets power from a ternary lithium-ion (NMC) battery with a capacity of 1.8 kWh.

Do the Wuling Almaz Hybrid specifications from this engine sector make fuel consumption more economical? The five-diamond manufacturer didn’t say so bluntly. It’s just that if you look at China, the Asta or Xingchen Hybrid models with similar 2,000 cc hybrid engines can save gasoline up to 21.7 km/liter, aren’t they economical?

Specifications of the Wuling Almaz Hybrid Machine
Engine Capacity: 2,000 cc naturally aspirated, 4 cylinder
Peak Torque: 168 Nm at 4000-4400 rpm
Maximum Power: 123 hp at 5,600 rpm
Electric Motor Performance: 174 hp and 320 Nm
Transmission: Dedicated Hybrid Transmission (DHT)
Baterai: Ternary lithium-ion (NMC)
Battery Capacity: 1.8 kWh
Rated Voltage: 355 V

2. Have Three Riding Modes

The 2,000 cc hybrid heart of the 7-seater SUV is paired with a dedicated hybrid transmission (DHT). Wuling said that in its power distribution system there is an intelligent power switch, and is able to apply series and parallel drives.

In other words, the Wuling Amaz Hybrid specification for the engine will use pure hybrid technology with the use of a large lithium-ion battery. So, more or less how it works like the one in the Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid . There are three driving modes which consist of: EV Mode, Series Hybrid, and Hybrid Parallel.

In EV Mode, the wheels are driven by an electric motor which draws electrical energy from a Ternary Lithium battery. Meanwhile, in Series Hybrid mode, the wheels are still driven by an electric motor, but the gasoline engine operates to charge the battery via a motor generator. Maximum performance is produced in Hybrid Parallel mode, because the gasoline engine and electric motor operate to generate wheel drive power simultaneously. This system works
automatically according to battery condition, power requirements, and road conditions.

3. Exterior appearance of Almaz Hybrid Exactly Almaz RS

Then the discussion on the specifications for the next Wuling Almaz Hybrid is the exterior. The appearance of this car is exactly like the Almaz RS which is complete with a sporty body kit. The two tone color is also present, as well as the use of roof rails on the roof.

Thus in terms of dimensions, it is unlikely that it will change. The body is 4,655 mm long, 1,835 mm wide and 1,760 mm high.

As for the differentiator, the specification for the Wuling Almaz Hybrid on the exterior is the use of the hybrid logo on the left trunk. Then the size of the wheels is also enlarged using 18 inches so that the legs look fuller with 215/55 tires. Do not forget that there is a blue line under the grille that extends from left to right, so that the words RS and the main light circle also use blue.

For exterior color choices, there are 4: starry black (black), aurora silver (silver black roof), pristine white (white black roof), and carnellian red (red black roof).

4. Interior of Wuling Almaz Hybrid

Wuling Almaz Hybrid specifications for the interior, there are several differences compared to the RS variant. One of them is the use of beige or brownish white on the seats, dashboard, door panels and center console.

The beige color on Almaz Hybrid has never been used on Almaz models in Indonesia. It’s just that abroad it has been used, namely in its twin named MG Hector in India. The use of this beige interior makes the impression of luxury shine even more, compared to the white and black colors on the Amaz RS Pro or its petrol engine version.

Then what is also different is that this hybrid SUV has a new TFT meter cluster digital display on the dashboard, as well as a new, more modern transmission lever design.

Then speaking of passenger capacity, it looks like the Wuling Almaz Hybrid will be no different from the Almaz RS. In a sense, it has a total configuration of three rows of benches that can accommodate 7 people. Panoramic sunroof is also still maintained.

5. Modern IoV and ADAS Features

Modern technology in Almaz RS is also present in Almaz Hybrid. Call it the Wuling Remote Control App through Internet of Vehicle (IoV) technology which allows car owners to connect and control the vehicle with just the touch of a finger through the MyWuling+ application and the Head Unit.

The Wuling Almaz Hybrid specifications are also supported by the Indonesian voice command feature, namely WIND for operating various features. The way it works is simply by using the keyword ‘Hello Wuling’.

The ADAS feature is also present to provide convenience and a sense of security while driving. This technology consists of 4 function categories, namely Adaptive Cruise, Lane Recognition, Safe Distance and Braking Assistance, and Automatic Light with a total of 12 features that support driving safety.

6. Price for Wuling Almaz Hybrid, Cheapest!

With such specifications for the Wuling Almaz Hybrid, what’s the right price? Certainly above the Almaz RS, because it uses more sophisticated and environmentally friendly technology present in this hybrid version.

The five-diamond manufacturer sells Almaz Hybrid at a price of IDR 470 million (OTR Jakarta). Interesting right? If true, then this will be the only and cheapest 7-seater hybrid SUV car in Indonesia. Because most competitors only have a 5-seater configuration, the price is also more expensive, such as the Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid Rp. 540.9 million (OTR Jakarta) and the Nissan Kicks e-Power Rp. 482.8 million (OTR Jakarta).

After knowing in full, the prices and specifications for the Wuling Almaz Hybrid, are you interested in buying it?

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