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Lots of enthusiasts, Hyundai Ioniq 6 sold out in one day

Electric cars are currently the target of consumers in the automotive market, this is because electric cars have many advantages and sophistication that conventional cars do not have. In addition, costs that are more efficient and armed with a slick design make consumers flock to electric cars, one of which …

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How Long Does An Electric Car Charge At Home?

The length of time to charge an electric car at home is an important topic to discuss. Because, there are still many people who are still confused and don’t know about the duration of this charging. As automotive lovers, like it or not, in the future we must be ready …

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DFSK Mini EV Specifications, Very Cheap Price for Electric Car!

The specifications of the DFSK Mini EV are interesting to discuss. Because this car is predicted to be in tight competition with Wuling Air EV, which has previously revealed specifications and prices. The development of electric cars is growing rapidly, not only in the global arena, but also in Indonesia. …

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