The Advantages and Disadvantages of Honda Brio for You to Consider

Before deciding to buy, first consider the information on the advantages and disadvantages of the Honda Brio that we present below
The debut of the Honda Brio in 2012 in Indonesia was greeted with high enthusiasm by consumers. Initially, Honda Brio was present in the city car class with a 1.3L engine with 100 hp and 127 Nm of power. With compact dimensions, Honda presents the advantages and disadvantages of the Honda Brio, which are obvious in the aspect of fun to drive and the car is quite affordable,

Not long ago, the government issued a policy regarding cheap and environmentally friendly cars or commonly called Low Cost Green Cars (LCGC). Honda immediately introduced their LCGC line under the name Brio Satya. Since then, Brio has used a 1.2L engine for all their variants, from the LCGC to the city car (Brio RS). Since then, the popularity of the Honda Brio has been irresistible, both in the new car market and in the used car market.

Well, if you plan to propose to a Honda Brio, we will provide information about the advantages and disadvantages of the Honda Brio that can be your consideration. Check out the following explanation.

Advantages of Honda Brio
The first advantage of the Honda Brio is its sporty design and dynamic nuances in the style of young people. With a hatchback model, Brio offers an agile driving sensation as well as being easy to maneuver in tight spaces. No wonder the Honda Brio is also the choice of women to accompany their activities.

Regarding the performance and efficiency of the 1.2 liter engine that is carried, it also becomes. With 90 hp and 110 Nm of torque, it is more than enough to lift the Brio’s light weight either in the city or when on vacation with the family. The performance of the automatic transmission and CVT used has also proven not to disappoint and is quite responsive.

Another plus is the availability of features that are quite complete. One of the safety features, for example, is available ABS + EBD brakes with a pair of air bags. In addition, Honda’s after-sales network that has spread across Indonesia is also a plus for the Honda Brio.

Disadvantages of Honda Brio
In addition to its advantages, Honda Brio also has several weaknesses in the eyes of consumers. The first is the limited availability of space for rear passengers. this is a consequence of the compact dimensions adopted by the Brio. The availability of leg room and the limited volume of luggage is enough to affect the comfort and practicality of the Honda Brio.

In addition, not a few Honda Brio users complain about the interior quality of the Honda Brio which is considered not good. The thin plastic material used as the dashboard and door trim gives an impression of a cheap quality and quite affects the driving impression. Not infrequently those who complain about the rumbling sound from the dashboard when the Brio has been used for a long time. This can indeed be circumvented by coming to an official workshop and tightening and resetting the Honda Brio dashboard holder.

With the advantages and disadvantages of the Honda Brio that we have presented, it still makes this compact car quite popular both in the new car market to used cars. Many official dealers also offers Honda Brio and a variety of certified used cars of the highest quality for you. There are various attractive offers, such as a 7-day money back guarantee, a 90-day engine and transmission guarantee.

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