Toyota Vios 2023 First Drive : A Comfortable, But Can Be Annoying When Stuck In Traffic

Apart from Thailand, Laos and Saudi Arabia, the Toyota Vios 2023 was also launched in Indonesia. The fourth generation of Vios in Indonesia was built using the DNGA (Daihatsu New Global Architecture) platform which results in a more spacious cabin space to provide a more comfortable driving experience.

Not only does it provide a spacious cabin, the DNGA platform is also lighter, with high precision while providing good control. For information, the latest generation of Toyota Vios for the Thai market is called the Yaris Ativ. There, this car is equipped with a 3NR-VE 1.2L engine which is exactly the same as used by Daihatsu Sigra.

To get a closer look at the driving style impression of Toyota’s newest product in this small sedan segment, our partner Autofun Thailand recently had the opportunity to try it in person.

Curious to know how to impress the driving style using the Toyota Vios 2023? Keep reading for the following reviews.

Sitting Position Feels More Comfortable

From the perspective of our colleague in the Land of the White Elephant, when he stopped at his seat he felt quite comfortable. Inside, the latest Vios is wrapped in leather with a better leather texture than before.

For the seat itself has a wide cushion so it feels comfortable, as well as the driver’s seat setting which is equipped with a height adjuster to adjust the height of the sitting position. In terms of visibility when driving, the Vios 2023 feels comfortable because it has a wide view. Even in the middle of the top edge of the windshield, there is an ADAS camera that doesn’t block the driver’s view too much.

The entertainment system in the form of the latest Vios touch screen head unit is placed in the middle which feels so ergonomic when used by the driver. While the instrument panel of this car has a digital display for driving information similar to Veloz’s.

Steering Feels A Little Heavy at High Speeds

The 2023 Toyota Vios uses Electric Power Steering (EPS) with a new motor. The steering wheel feels a little heavy when the car is traveling at high speed. With a steering wheel that feels a little heavy at high speeds, it is actually part of the safety factor so that the driver does not easily lose driving stability.

Oh yes, the steering wheel feels right in the hand and has a soft cushion thanks to the material used. Not only that, the steering wheel is also embedded with a steering control switch which feels easy to use when making adjustments to the head unit and instrument panel.

Dings Suspension Feels Soft

When our colleague tried to drive the Toyota Vios 2023 at high speed, our partner felt that the suspension had good adjustments, felt rigid and had minimal vibration when crossing an uneven road surface.

When accelerating up to 120 km/h, the suspension feels like it’s gripping the wheels against the asphalt. However, when our colleagues exceed speeds exceeding 120 km/hour, this car has symptoms of body roll.

But overall, the latest Vios is considered to have much better suspension adjustments than the previous generation. Drawing a few conclusions, the Vios 2023 is a family car that is comfortable both for daily use or when traveling out of town.

Toyota Vios 2023 Has Good Soundproofing

According to our colleagues, the Toyota Vios 2023 silencer deserves a thumbs up. As it is felt, the noise in the cabin is considered quieter than the previous model.

Even though there is wind noise that can be heard from the side mirrors when traveling at 120 km/h, the sound from the wheels is not heard inside thanks to the addition of dampers in the lower area. Most of the sound that is heard when you are at high speed only comes from the sound of the engine.

Speed ​​Radar Cruise Control Not Suitable For Use In The City

The Vios 2023 is equipped with a speed radar cruise control which is part of the Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) safety feature. With this feature, our colleagues try to activate it when doing a test drive. The distance to the vehicle in front can be adjusted according to the driver’s wishes.

In the first test, our colleagues tried to make the settings with the shortest distance. When the car in front slowed down it caused the car our colleague was riding on to brake hard enough to bring the car to a stop. Our colleagues often worry if the car they are driving is hit by another vehicle from behind.

It’s a different story when our colleagues make settings with a longer distance. The car is like intervening for the driver to immediately apply the brakes when the car gets closer to the vehicle in front. Furthermore, the car will brake suddenly when the distance is getting closer.

Our colleagues felt that this feature was best activated when traveling long distances, and not suitable for driving in the city.

For information in Thailand this car is equipped with standard safety features such as; 6 airbags, ABS with EBD, Traction Control, VSC, TRC Freewheel Protection and Hill Start Assist. The braking system is equipped with 4-wheel disc brakes.

Annoying Alert System

This car is equipped with the Lane Departure Alert safety feature with Driving Assist. According to my colleagues in Thailand this feature is too sensitive. To avoid going off track, the system will give a warning to the driver in the form of an alarm signal and there is a slight delay on the steering wheel.

This made our colleagues feel uncomfortable thanks to the loud warning sound. This system may be better suited for solo long-distance driving.

The steering wheel, which feels delayed to return the car to a safe lane, often makes our colleagues work on it manually.

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