What Is a Car AC Compressor? Get to Know Here

Car air conditioner compressors are noisy as in public transportation, usually the same happens in private cars. Problems can occur with the car AC compressor oil or other components in the car AC compressor.

The problem is, if the AC compressor is damaged, the trip will feel very hot and stuffy. Especially if the car loads a lot, if the AC compressor is damaged it will feel like bathing in a sauna.

Another feature of a damaged car AC compressor is that instead of cooling it doesn’t even emit air. The car’s AC compressor is just as noisy as it is working hard to produce cool wind. But what is the power instead of hot air coming out of the AC compressor?

Definition of car air conditioner compressor

The AC compressor is a vital component in the car’s cooling system. Without a car air conditioning compressor, air circulation and cooling in the driver’s and passenger compartments will be nil.

AC compressors generally last a long time, so if your car’s AC compressor is noisy or damaged before its age, then something is wrong. The price for refrigeration units is usually not cheap, even the Avanza car AC compressor unit is also quite expensive.

Avanza was taken because this car is the most widely used by some people. So it could be that the Avanza car air conditioning compressor is the best selling item. Or it could also be replaced with a new Avanza car AC compressor.

It should be noted that most damaged AC compressors cannot be repaired. For that you need to buy a new car air conditioning compressor. As a suggestion, with problems that often occur, avoid buying a used car AC compressor.

Apart from the fact that the used AC compressor is not clear about its durability and performance. The costs required to replace each time there is a problem will be far greater than the purchase price of the used car AC compressor.

So it would be much better to buy a new one than buying a used AC compressor that is not durable.

Damaged car air conditioning compressor

The characteristic of a damaged AC compressor begins with symptoms such as a gust of air being released that becomes hot. Even though the car was at low speed at that time. Then another feature of the damaged AC compressor is strange noises.

But there are many other things that can characterize a damaged AC compressor. Here are some characteristics of a damaged AC compressor that you need to know.

The following are some of the initial characteristics that we must be aware of so that our AC compressor can get treatment immediately and does not spread to other problems that can make us pay extra for compressor prices which are not cheap:

1. The appearance of a rough sound when the coolness of the air conditioner is raised
For example, I want to move it to levels 1, 2 and 3 but the car’s AC compressor is noisy and getting louder. So that’s a sign that there’s a problem with your AC compressor.

2. The temperature is getting hotter
The next characteristic of a damaged AC compressor is that the temperature decreases over time. At first it may feel cold, when the engine rpm is low. But when the engine is at high rpm or a certain speed, the air conditioner begins to lose its coolness.

3. Freon is leaking
Leaks in freon can also be a sign that the AC compressor is damaged. Like the air conditioner at home, the air conditioner in the car is also prone to leaks if the freon runs out. Usually, freon starts to run out after 6 weeks of use.

4. Magnetic coupling interference
Finally, there is usually a problem with the magnetic clutch or magnetic clutch. Usually when you’re in a traffic jam, or in the middle of a busy day, suddenly the air conditioner won’t cool down again.

If this happens you will restart the car’s AC, and it will usually start. But then if the rpm of the car is high, the AC will turn off again. So this could be a sign that the compressor is damaged due to the magnetic clutch.

Causes of damaged car air conditioning compressor

AC compressor usually because there is a problem in it that is hidden. Lack of attention to the condition of the car air conditioner, so one of the causes.

Especially for those of you who choose a used car AC compressor, of course you will have the same problem.

The new AC compressor still tends to be damaged if its age is over. Likewise with used car air conditioner compressors , which may be only a short time old. Or when you buy a used AC compressor, you don’t know that it is a damaged item that has been reconditioned.

So you have to buy a new car AC compressor and the costs can be very high compared to repairing it. For this reason, early detection of problems that occur is needed.

So that when the problem is detected, you will prevent failure of the AC compressor.

So understand your problems and habits with car air conditioning. Because even though the car air conditioner keeps being replaced with new ones, if the problem is in your habit of using car air conditioning.

So you will constantly replace the new AC compressor. The following are the problems that occur with a damaged AC compressor:

1. The fan is off
In car air conditioning, when the fan/fan or radiator fan turns off it will make the freon on the high pressure line increase or overheat. This will automatically make the compressor overheat.

The short-term impact will potentially make the AC compressor noisy, leak until it is completely damaged.

2. Too little Freon
Also pay attention to the cable or hose on the car air conditioner, make sure there are no cracks or holes in the freon hose. This will have an impact on the condition of the car’s air conditioner which will experience a freon leak.

Then the freon level gets lower, so the compressor has to work harder to pump freon. This tension will eventually cause the condition of the AC compressor to break down.

3. Too much freon
Filling too much freon is also wrong, this can damage your AC compressor. Usually this happens because the technician who installed the car air conditioner is unreliable. And it could also be because you are using the wrong type of freon.

4. Dead-end circulation
The working system of a car air conditioner is the continuous circulation of freon in the system. Then if the circulation flow is obstructed, it will impact the compressor to continue working. However, the circulation flow is not normal and causes the compressor to fail.

5. Insufficient lubricating oil
The next problem is the AC compressor oil. Even if it’s just an air conditioner, know that it also contains AC compressor oil. AC compressor oil is useful like blood in the human body.

If the AC compressor oil is insufficient or lacking in the system, then the AC compressor will also not work properly. So pay attention again to the need for AC compressor oil, ask a technician to check the availability of car AC compressor oil inside.

6. Durability
AC compressors also have a lifespan. For that, always take care of it regularly and use the car air conditioner accordingly. This will extend the life of the components in the car air conditioner.

How to fix a problematic AC compressor
If the temperature in your car’s cabin, for example Avanza, is cold. Then check the condition of your Avanza car AC compressor. Of course you have to find out about the Avanza car air conditioning compressor .

This is because the AC compressor is different for each brand. Apart from the brand, dealing with problems with car air conditioning must also be known beforehand for the damage. Knowing the problem with the car air conditioner is useful for preparing funds when going to the garage.

So that you know the root of the problem and know what needs to be repaired or replaced and the cost. Knowing the problem with the car air conditioner is also useful for you to replace it yourself. No need to bother going to the workshop and no need to spend excess funds.

The following are problems that occur with car air conditioners and how to overcome them.

1. Car AC compressor does not rotate
If the car AC compressor is damaged, or the car AC compressor does not rotate, because it is jammed or rusted. Usually it is because the compressor shaft with bearings cannot rotate.

For that actually you don’t need to replace it with a new one, but just remove the rust.

The trick is to disassemble the AC compressor first, then clean the rust parts with anti-rust liquid. Then if it is, rub it with fine sandpaper. If so, don’t forget to replace the AC compressor oil with new oil.

Before reassembling, make sure there are no defects in the compressor such as pistons, cylinder walls, or broken valves. If that happens then you have to replace the entire AC compressor with a new one.

2. Car AC compressor is noisy
If the compressor is noisy when the car is running, then pay attention to your AC compressor oil first. Usually this happens due to a lack of lubricant so that the engine friction is rough and noisy.

Then check also the piston, whether it has been worn. Most occur in old cars whose car air conditioners usually lack maintenance. If the piston is worn, the AC compressor is noisy when running. For that you need a new AC compressor.

Then, also check the thrust bearing components. Check whether the thrust bearing is loose or not. Because if it is loose due to the wrong installation, then do the disassembly, because loose thrust bearings make the AC compressor noisy.

Those are some things you need to know about AC compressors. If you feel that the cabin in the vehicle is not as cold as before, you know the cause and the solution.

Before that happens, you should take care of your AC compressor regularly and properly.

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